Sapporo AOBA Vocational College Department of Japanese Language

Sapporo AOBA Gakuen Educational Group

Chinese school brochure and application guidelines have been uploaded.(01/03/2022)

Facilities and Equipment

Japanese Department Classroom

You can study well in a classroom equipped with audio and video equipments.

Japanese Department Library

There are books related to Japanese culture and history. There is also a space for self-study.


There is also a common library for all departments.


You can get first aid in case of illness or injury.

Student Dormitory (planned)
You can rent a dormitory so that you can start living in Japan immediately after your arrival if you wish. Each room has a kitchen, bath, toilet, and heating. (The photos shown below are for illustration purposes only.)



Bath and Toilet


School Floor Plan

Course and Curriculum Information

Emphasis is placed on expressing oneself in Japanese through communication and other means, with the aim of acquiring natural Japanese. We also offer preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) to meet a variety of needs.


Encouragement Awards

Admission Fee Reduction and Exemption System

Events and Exchange Meetings

There are many seasonal events to learn about Japanese culture and customs. International students participate in school festivals and sports festivals with Japanese students. The school has a judo hall where you can experience judo.

Future Design